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Welcome to Cumbria Raynet


We are the volunteer communications resilience group for Cumbria.
We provide emergency communications support for the Category 1 and 2  Emergency Services  Responders in Cumbria
(including Police Fire, Ambulance and the County Council) when their existing communications capabilities are stretched or inappropriate for particular situations.

We receive no government funding. 
Our capability is developed by fund raising and by individual members providing and using their personal resources.

Our membership is open to anyone with an interest in emergency / operational radio communications
and a wish to support communities across the County (and sometimes further a field in support of other groups in other areas).

You do not need to be a licensed radio operator in order to join us!


Hot Weather Tip

Misconception: You need to drink even when you’re not thirsty

For a long time, common wisdom among sports and fitness types held that if you become thirsty it was ‘too late’ – you were already suffering the effects of dehydration.
Consequently it was best to drink continually during exercise.
Now, some beleive that distrusting your thirst in this way could even lead to drinking too much.

In truth, hydration needs will vary from person to person, and the best advice now seems to be "drink when you’re thirsty".

It’s easy to underestimate the amount of water you need especially in hot weather.
It’s prudent to take more water than you think you might need.
As a guide, for the average person three litres or more is often not excessive for a big day in the hills.



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